Katutura, Otjiherero for “The place where people do not want to live”
is a township in Windhoek initially created by the South African Colonial Administration for the settlement of the black population after their forced removal from the Old Location (now known as Hochland Park).
The name depicts the dissatisfaction towards this new location.
However despite its sad start Katutura is today the most alive district in Windhoek, as it is resident to two thirds of the Windhoek population.
With its numerous markets, shops and bars, it is nothing short of magic and adventure. Katutura offers the opportunity to experience local cuisine - kapana and Oshikundu in true Namibian style.

About Me

My name is Kafamuyeke Erick Mwiya, popularly known as Erick, a local guy offering tourists the opportunity to discover the heart of Windhoek. Born in Katima Mulilo, the heart of the Zambezi East Region, I moved to Windhoek when I was 14 years old seeking for better opportunities. Having tried different jobs I was recruited as a taxi driver. I worked tirelessly until I could afford my own taxi. Due to my open character and curiosity of other cultures I became friends with several international customers. These customers who turned into friends would ask me to show them the hidden parts of the city.

The most common questions I am asked as a local and a taxi driver are “Where do Namibians eat out”, “How is life in Katutura?” “Where do the locals hang out?” It is from this curiosity of my customers that I decided to start this company - providing truthful insights into the life of locals to international friends.

Lodge Transfers

As it is our mandate to enhance your Namibian experience we offer shuttle transfer services to the following destinations:

Shebeen Crawl

Shebeen is an Irish word (derived from sibín) that was originally used for an illicit bar or club where excisable alcoholic beverages were sold without a licence. The term spread far from its origins in Ireland arriving to Southern Africa, Canada and the Caribbean. In Southern Africa, shebeens are most often located in townships as they were an alternative to pubs and bars where under apartheid, indigenous Africans were not allowed to enter pubs or bars reserved for those of European descent. Despite their origin, sheebens are one of the most fun and adventurous parts of Windhoek. Approximately 4 hours long, the crawl will give you a local experience of the night life. Starting with a sundowner and a kapana snack at Bicky´s Carwash in Single Quarters, the crawl includes among others a visit to the renowned Evelyn Street and One Nation Bar in Babylon. Price: N$350 includes 2 drinks and traditional beer degustation. .

Quick Facts on Windhoek

Internationally renowned for its Goreangab Water Reclamation Plant, the world’s first plant to convert domestic sewage into drinkable water, Windhoek is the capital city of Namibia. Despite its colonial past evident in various structures across the city, Windhoek residents are racially and ethnically diverse.. Characterised with an upbeat night life and quiet but busy days, Windhoek is the one-stop experience into the rest of Namibia.

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